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The Magic of New Beginnings

Beginning something new is always hard. If it isn't hard then it probably isn't worth doing.

I know in my heart that Forest School is 100% worth doing.

Wild Hearts Forest School is a new beginning that has been brewing for a long time and has suddenly come all at once. I hope to bring a lot of you on the journey with me to discover just how wonderful Forest School can be and the infinite difference it can make on your child's life and your life.

"Surely it's just playing in the woods!" I hear you cry... but no. It is so much more than that. Forest School is a movement that is gaining traction and for good reason. Forest School builds strong bonds with each other and the natural environment. It teaches us that our interests, our skills, our opinions and our observations are important. It gives us space and time to develop, to communicate, to make mistakes. It enables us to take risks. And risks are GOOD.

Forest School is driven by the learners and learners of all ages need this. At Wild Hearts you will not find a timetable of the day. You will not find a tick sheet that shows everyone is able to do certain things. You will find a relaxed and calm environment that is created by young people driving their own discoveries, sparking curiosity in the Great Outdoors.

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