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Little Wild Hearts

Bring your little ones to the enchanting Townsend Wood to stay and play and you will both discover all that nature has to offer. These sessions will give your Little Wild Hearts the opportunity to make those all important, early connections with nature. Amidst the many benefits of being outside from an early age, they will develop their senses within an immersive environment, work on their balance, co-ordination, communication and confidence.


  • Explorative investigations- observing and tracking wildlife

  • Natural orchestra- investigating the sounds of the woodland

  • Nature crafts- making woodland crafts from sustainable materials

  • Den building- learning about structures

  • Campfire cooking- preparing and cooking nutritious food

  • Storytelling- reading stories around the campfire or creating our own

  • Games- developing our senses, spatial awareness and communication skills

  • Object play- using natural objects to build and manipulate

  • Free play- leading their own learning

  • And much more!

Our sessions are free-flow, this means there will be a different areas with some stimuli with opportunities for play and you and your Little Wild Heart can choose what you'd like to engage with and how long for. We will then come together as a group in the middle of the session for an offering of a story or song and a campfire snack. 

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